Parking Policy

  1. Each Owner is assigned TWO permanent parking spaces per home that are marked with their house number on the pavement within the space.  Anyone not entitled to park in that permanently marked space  is subject to a fine of $50 per day.
  2. Each Owner is entitled to permit ONE long term guest (defined as guests staying more than 24 hours) to occupy a VISITOR space on a first come, first served basis.
  3. Any additional guests may only park in a VISITOR space or at the POOL for up to 20 hours.  Simply moving a car that has occupied a VISITOR space for 20 hours from one VISITOR space to another does not permit the guest to remain in a VISITOR space for an additional 20 hours; nor does it protect the Owner from a $50 fine for violating the parking policy.
  4. Homeowners with more than two vehicles may park one additional vehicle at the POOL area indefinitely as long as the vehicle has a valid license plate – otherwise, it will be subject to towing.
  5. No trailers or commercial vehicles may be parked on the premises at any time, unless performing work contracted by the Association.  Again, a $50 per day fine applies for violating this parking provision.
  6. Vehicles may not park on the lots that flank the entrance to Ridgeview without express permission to do so and will be subject to towing, except during times of inclement weather.