Beware Unauthorized Repairmen/Service Technicians Calls


One of the Ridgeview Residents reported being contacted by a company suggesting they were supposed to perform an inspection for an external building repair of their property.

The call received was apparently some scam artist.

Repairs are generally initiated with a request for work by the property owners.  If Ridgeview initiates a repair to your property, then an attempt will be made to notify you in advance that such a repair is in process.  No contractor, other than Jason Krauss and his crew, will be given contact information for anyone in the community without our having notified the Owner in advance of doing so.

Unless you have been notified that your request for work has been approved or we have notified you of a repair, then you should not be granting access to or around your property to unsolicited persons claiming to be “repairpersons” or “service technicians”.

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