Bulk Waste Pickup Policy

Please know the policy regarding bulk waste items BEFORE putting items out on the street.

…Your neighbors thank you in advance!

If you have bulk waste you are unable to remove yourself from the property, follow the policy to keep our streets looking neat and clean.   Don’t embarrass your neighbors by having their guests arrive to see unsightly waste on display in the street; also failure to follow the policy could result in fines assessed to your account.

  1. Bulk waste may not be put out earlier than 9pm the day before you have scheduled and confirmed your bulk waste pickup request by the City.
  2. Bulk waste must never be placed on the street to block access to the dumpster (because bulk waste is picked up by a separate truck on one of the same days as our normal dumpster service).
  3. Bulk waste may be scheduled for pick up every other Thursday.  The attached calendar shows the weeks that bulk waste pickup is available in GREEN.
  4. You must call Valerie at 704-920-5361 at least a day before the scheduled pick up in order to get your pick up request on the Waste Pro drivers schedule.

 Attached below is the schedule.   Follow the Thursday/Green for collection day.


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