Replacement Window and Door Specs (including storm doors)

The latest installation of the windows that were ordered last year has created a significant interest among Owners to replace their windows. 


The replacement window required must match the original architectural style of windows that were installed when the buildings were built.


The spec replacement window is JeldWen Aluminum-Clad windows clad in bronze colored metal (matching gutters/downspouts).  All windows must be casement to match the original architecture.  Divided/hung windows are only permitted in buildings Q, R, S, and T (duplexes directly across from the pool) as those windows are too large to be casements.


Five homes in the community have non-conforming windows.  While there is still an opportunity to get the special pricing, it would be a good time to bring those homes into compliance. 


If you want to replace your windows, we strongly urge you to order now as this is likely to be the last order for several years at this dramatically reduced special pricing we have negotiated directly with the manufacturer.  In the past five years we have placed four bulk window orders, most of the windows that needed urgent replacement have been replaced already. 


Please reply to if you want to replace windows.  So far we have D1, L4, E1, F2, T1 on the list to provide quotes for replacement.


Have a great and safe summer!



Regarding storm doors:


For those interested in replacement storm doors, the only acceptable replacement storm door is also bronze color, full glass (there can be no divisions in the glass or screen – as in sliding glass to expose half screen and half glass).  You can install your choice of a Pella, or Larsen or any other brand available that meets those specs. The Pella is only slightly more costly, but seems much more durable than the Larsen.


If you have a non-conforming storm door on the front of your unit (as in divided glass), you can still use it by putting a new door on the front and having your existing front storm door installed on the back (sliding/ divided glass storm doors are permitted on the rear of the house).


Regarding front doors:

Please contact the Association directly regarding proposed style for front door replacements (if different than builder original) and the door color designated by the Architect for your home.

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