Reports from Neighboring Communities and Community Safety

There have been reports over the past couple of nights from neighboring communities of unlocked cars being targeted for valuables. Before we installed the camera system, some of our residents (all with admittedly unlocked cars) fell victim having some items missing from consoles and glove compartments.
Fortunately, since the installation of our camera system, there have been no reports of such criminal activity on any Ridgeview street.
But as a reminder, in the event you detect any suspicious activity that may involve the commission of a crime in the community, please notify us so that we can access available camera footage to help identify perpetrators. If you are witnessing any crime in progress, please contact Concord Police immediately.
We do not have hired patrol staff and remain a self-policing community – relying on residents reporting suspicious activity.
The dead end streets and Neighborhood Watch have surely helped Ridgeview remain one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. The addition of license plate/street cameras should contribute to deterrence and with your cooperation, continue to keep Ridgeview a safe community for us all.
Thanks to all for your role in keeping Ridgeview a safe place to live!
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