Timeline for window estimates (follow link to post or check website for more information)

A number of folks have inquired about when they can expect to receive window estimates.
The final posted deadline for submitting window measurements was Monday, Jan 9. The 109 estimates for window measurements provided were compiled the following day and formally submitted to JeldWen. Yesterday, JeldWen confirmed receipt of the request. Since JeldWen is the manufacturer of the windows, they are contacting Distributors within their network to find which Distributor is willing to process and deliver our order for the best price.
Each Distributor that JeldWen contacts will have to quote our order based on their pricing and then get back to JeldWen before they are able to get back to us with the best possible pricing. It seems likely to take at least a couple of weeks for JeldWen to contact the Distributors, receive the quotes back, compare/review the quotes, and contact us with the best option.
Everyone that requested estimates will be contacted promptly once we have been provided estimates from JeldWen.
Best to all, Alex

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