Update on pool repairs

Some of you may have noticed that our pool contractor has been performing warranty repairs to the pool during the past couple of weeks.  In the last update to everyone, we expressed hope to have the pool open by late June/early July.  That timeframe was based on our own estimation of what we thought possible, as the pool contractor would not commit to any specific timeline then.  Even now, despite our requests, we have no definitive timeline for completion.  To the extent that they don’t control the mandatory government inspection, it is understandable that they would resist guaranteeing an exact date because the inspection is among several contingencies that impact opening the pool.

We have pursued every potential option to get the pool open as quickly as possible, including seeking counsel from legal professionals, pool consultants, pool construction companies and different pool management companies.  Despite those efforts, it became clear that no option pursued would result in the pool opening any sooner than the existing contractor performing the warranty work as they were the only ones that had resources available to schedule within a reasonable time frame and they committed to mobilize them.

An even greater consideration, was that while all other options would have likely resulted in even further delays in the pool opening, they also involved solutions that would have placed significant financial costs on our Owners that we deemed unacceptable.

Several sources have confirmed that the rates we pay for pool management are also the lowest available in the area.  As frustrating as dealing with this matter may be, we have employed every reasonable option to compel the pool contractor to meet their warranty obligations to our community while at the same time maintaining a professional working relationship with them to protect the financial interests of all homeowners. 

The contractor has assured us that they will continue their work every day next week, weather permitting.  Once we have reliable information regarding the actual opening date of the pool, we will update everyone.

Happy Independence Day to all.

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