2019 Dues

At the 2017 Annual Meeting, a motion was made by an Owner to increase dues to $165 per month. The final modified motion passed for the $45 increase to be effective Jan 2019 (the original motion failed for the increase to take effect Jan 2018). $165./month represents the full amount of budgeted expenses for 2018, and the Owners voiced a preference to raise dues beginning in 2019 rather than to continue to run a budget deficit subsidized by the reserve as we have done for the past decade.
We discussed and reminded Owners at the 2018 Annual Meeting about the increase decided at the 2017 Annual Meeting.
If you were unable to attend either of the past two annual meetings, and have not otherwise received notice or had forgotten to include the increase in your Jan dues check, no need to worry. No ones dues will be counted as late simply for paying the current dues amount of $120.00 for January. Kindly send an additional $45 with your February dues to bring your account current and your account will not reflect any late payments.
Hoping 2019 is a great year for all members of the Ridgeview Community!

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