Water Service Interruption – Thursday 01/17/19 between 10am-4pm

If you registered your phone number with Carolina Water Service when you contracted water service, you should have received a recorded phone message today from Carolina Water Service notifying you of the service interruption tomorrow.
If this is the first such message you have received from Carolina Water Service, it may have seemed a bit ominous.
We called and spoke with the Supervisor for this area to seek additional information regarding the need to boil water for at least 24 hours after the interruption, but at least until you receive a follow up recorded message telling you it’s safe to no longer boil your water for consumption.
So here’s what we were told. There is no break in Ridgeview’s water lines, but there is a break in the main water line that feeds Zemosa Acres and Ridgeview and they need to excavate the pipe, cut and replace a section. In doing so, dirt that could contain bacterial contamination could enter the water flow. If you have anyone in your household with a vulnerable immune system, particularly young children and elderly, out of an abundance of caution, it is advisable to use bottled water for consumption until you receive the all clear message, if you prefer not to boil the water as they suggest.
That said, it is not inevitable that bacteria will enter the system that might pose a threat to health. But because it is possible, the advisory is in effect for every such service interruption.
The reason it takes at least 24 hours, is because Carolina Water Service sends a sample of the water after the pipe repair is complete for testing. It takes at least 24 hours for them to retrieve the results of the test.
If we receive notice that the water poses no threat, we will post an updated message to that effect tomorrow or once received.
We have inquired as to whether or not a particular type of water filter negates the need for bottled or boiled water. We were informed that even reverse osmosis filters can NOT be guaranteed to provide 100% safe water during this period.
We continue to seek further clarification as to whether there are any fully effective filtration options. We will share any additional information we receive.
Once water is restored, we recommend removing the insulated cap you installed to protect your outdoor spigot and running water through your outdoor spigot before running water inside the house. Doing so will limit the amount of dirt/solids that enter your system to help keep such contaminants out of your water heater, ice makers, filters, etc.
Although Ridgeview has no control over utilities, we hope to be able to provide any additional information that may be helpful to our residents.
Our position is always: better safe than sorry!
Best to all.
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