DISCONNECT HOSES and cover outdoor spigots

If you have covered your spigots for the season, please disregard this message.
Below freezing temps are forecasted this weekend for 48 hours or more with lows in the teens.
If you forgot to install your insulated spigot covers, it would be best to do so asap. Having to deal with burst water pipes over Christmas would make for a miserable holiday (and since plumbers are already hard to find, those with frozen pipes could spend days without water waiting on a plumber to make a repair).
We’re sending another reminder because we’ve noticed some spigots that are still uncovered and some with hoses connected. A connected hose provides a direct path for pipes to freeze inside your home. If hoses need to be connected once freezing temps hit, they should be disconnected after each use to prevent damage to your home until the risks of freezing in Spring have passed.
Happy holidays and wishes for not-frozen pipes to all!!!

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