The pool has been certified and is open – IMPORTANT: please follow posted rules as County Govt can close pool for noncompliance

Some of you may be aware that the County imposed new requirements this year as a condition of opening that required alteration of the pool and surrounding elements. We were not given advance notice prior to our planned opening weekend that these alterations must be performed. Items like grounding the metal sides of the pool and ladders and adjusting gates by 1/2” have never been cited in the past 30 years by any inspector and instead of giving us a period to comply while open, they required that we keep the pool closed until the necessary parts arrived and licensed contractors could schedule and perform the work. Once the State approved the opening of public pools, our opening was further delayed by the fact that the work performed had to be inspected both by the County Electrical Inspector as well as a reinspection by the County Health Department inspector.
Now that all the work required has been performed and inspected, the pool is officially open. There are, however, additional state and county rules that have been imposed on all public pools that include both social distancing as well as limiting the number of people that can actually be inside the pool itself.
Please understand that failure to comply with posted rules can (and typically will) result in the County chaining the pool shut and prohibiting its use.
All Owners and Residents that use the pool must adhere strictly to the posted rules.
All Owners and Residents and the limited guests allowed per the rules do so at their own risk, must hold the Association harmless for any injury to themselves or their guests or damage to their property that may result from use of the pool.
Anyone that hasn’t signed the Pool Rules and Pool Key Registration form on the website must do so prior to entering the pool area.
We hope everyone has a safe and fun summer.

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