Please take your trash to dumpster. Trash bags may not be left on porches, decks, patios, sidewalks, stairs or elsewhere in the common area.

Greetings All.
We’ve been notified that some folks are placing trash bags outside their home instead of taking them directly to the dumpster. Kindly be aware that trash bags must always be carried directly to the dumpster. Not only is it a covenant requirement, but it is also critical for pest prevention and management of the common area surrounding our homes.
Please also be aware that if trash bags outside the home are reported to the HOA, a contractor will be called to remove the trash, clean up around the area where animals may have spread trash and the service call and clean up fee will be billed directly to the homeowner responsible for the trash as the HOA Is not budgeted to provide such services.
Thanks for your cooperation. Hope everyone has a happy and safe summer!
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