Unlocked cars burglarized last night (plus note to Pet Owners)

Last night was the first time our community was canvassed by roving car burglars since we installed the Flock Safety camera at the entrance. There have been reports over the past couple of years of such activity in adjacent communities, but it seems our cameras have kept them out of our community. Apparently these burglars didn’t see the sign at the entrance. We were able to identify the vehicle from cameras on Wexford and that enabled us to match up the car with the license plate from the entrance camera. The license plate and time of entry has been reported to the Police. Apparently they dusted for some fingerprints as well.
As a reminder, the best way to prevent such activity is to keep your car door locked and not leave valuables in your vehicle that might tempt these roving burglars.
Another quick note for Pet Owners:
As a convenience to all pet owners, Ridgeview installed pet stations that we stock with special mitt bags and waste containers to make it as easy as possible to dispose of pet waste and prevent disease transmission.
Sadly, we’ve had an increasing number of complaints involving pet waste not being picked up throughout the community with frustrated owners reporting playing hopscotch around poop as well as tracking it through their homes. Community rules and County regulations require all dogs to be on leashes when outside, so that you can see when and where they are pooping and promptly pick up and dispose of your pet’s poop. Each pet’s residence in the community is contingent on these rules being followed. Pets rely on their Owners good behavior to maintain their privilege to live at Ridgeview. Don’t let your pets down. Your pets are counting on you!

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