Terminix Inspections Friday, Oct 14. Inside home inspections required for slab homes – crawlspaces must be unlocked

Please put this date on your calendar.  Terminix has scheduled our annual termite inspections for Friday, October 14.  If you have a crawlspace under your home, then it must be unlocked so they can inspect under your home.  If you do not have a crawlspace, then someone will need to provide access to your home for the inspection.

For your protection, this inspection is required and critical – as Terminix is not obligated to honor the termite protection for your home that the Association has contracted with them.  If you have subsequent termite damage without an inspection, then you would personally be responsible for repairing the damage to the building and your home, potentially tens of thousands of dollars.

They can usually start in the morning and are done by shortly after lunch time.  They do not make appointments for specific times, but if you have further questions, you can contact Terminix directly at 704.786.5300

Ridgeview Association Incorporated


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