Window order update

We’re working directly with the window manufacturer, JeldWen, to get special pricing for those that wish to purchase windows.  Fortunately, the same person that I set the program up with back in 2011 still works for JeldWen.  He has agreed to continue to work with us on special pricing.  Basically how it will work, he said he will source delivery through whichever of his Distributors agree to sell to us with the most aggressive discount and then he will give them special pricing for our order to get us an added discount.

There is additional good news.  Typically JeldWen announces a price increase that takes effect the first week of the year.  He says there has been no price increase announced for the new year.  He did say they could announce one at any time, but he is unaware of one in the pipeline and regardless, if one is announced, there is a 30 day window before price increases take effect.  Since we have already started the process, even if there is an increase, we will have adequate time to complete the order before any price increase could impact pricing quoted for the upcoming order.
That said, we have a bit of a chicken and egg situation in order to get quotes.  He needs to know what windows are needed so he can quote them, but I explained that people want to know the pricing before committing to buying windows.  He understands. 
So if you would like new windows, we need a list of the windows that you would like to have replaced.  Please provide a description of the location of each window and the size (an approximate measurement is fine).  Jason will verify the factory size prior to our placing the order.  
Please note, you are NOT making a commitment to purchase windows by letting us know what windows you would like replaced.  We just need a list for pricing purposes.  I explained to him some folks may elect not to purchase windows if the price is more than they expect.  But also please note, even prior to recent inflation, window pricing has been rapidly increasing and it’s likely future orders will reflect future increases – particularly since this could be the last window order placed through the HOA.  This will be the sixth order we’ve handled and it was originally our hope that by the fifth order, everyone would have new windows.
Please also note, that if you are going to replace windows on the front of your house, all adjacent windows should be replaced – especially in bays or bump outs – replacing one without the others would be visually unappealing.  Plus, there is no guarantee that production specs in the future will be the same, so it may be impossible to get an identical match in the future for adjacent windows.
We ask that everyone be kind and patient through this process.  We do not have staff to facilitate such extra projects so we ask everyone to understand that coordinating such an order for the entire community is very time consuming and not a service that is included in your dues.  The only requirement of the HO Association related to windows is to establish a replacement window specification* – not to source or purchase them – that is up to each individual homeowner.  Even so, we understand how difficult it can be as an individual homeowner to find a supplier and installer for the spec window themselves.  Additionally, we were made aware that in the past, owners have been quoted exorbitant prices with excessive fees for products and installations that we’ve taken upon ourselves to negotiate substantially lower pricing.  You are not under any obligation to buy windows through the Association.  You may source the officially specified windows (they must be metal clad wood, vinyl windows are not permitted) from the Distributor of your choice and arrange for installation by a contractor that is approved by Hardie for installation and arrange for an “in progress” inspection by an HOA contractor to assure the installation has been properly performed so as not to void the siding warranty.  If you choose to arrange for your own installation, you would only be obligated to the Association for the cost of the inspection by the HOA contractor.  If you purchase the windows through the HOA, that cost is included since the installation is already being performed by an HOA contractor.
Regarding installation, Jason knows the requirements to protect the Hardie warranty and has agreed to install the windows.  As before, the priority for installations will be based on the order that we receive payment for the windows.  First paid, first installed.  Based on current production guidelines, we’ve been told to expect the windows to arrive in time for installations beginning in April.  We expect this to be a large order and the installation flow will be based on Jason’s availability.  That said, it is our hope and expectation that all windows will be installed before the end of next year.
If you want to be offered pricing for your consideration, please send the window size/location for each window you would like quoted to EMAIL@RIDGEVIEW.FYI and we will send the quote including tax and installation as soon as we receive the window pricing from JeldWen.
Best wishes to you, your family and friends for a Happy Holiday season.
* Replacement spec: JeldWen Bronze, Aluminum Clad, Auralast wood, Casement style. (Buildings Q-T have a different spec).

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