An Owner just reached out to us after receiving an email from “NextDoor Ridgeview”. It states “your street is now using a free app called Nextdoor and you should join too. It’s 100% free and just for your neighbors.”
The app solicitation has “Ridgeview” in its title implying that Ridgeview has endorsed the app or contracted for its service. Please be aware that Ridgeview’s HOA has no connection to this app and has not made an endorsement of it.
Ridgeview only maintains a website and for security reasons, limits total website access to owners only and Ridgeview does not endorse, support or otherwise recommend any app to be installed on any of your devices.
Your choice to install the Nextdoor app or to sign up for a Nextdoor account online is totally up to you.
Nextdoor is essentially a social media app, and with it may come potential privacy and data collection concerns that some may wish to avoid.
There are reports that in some cases, Nextdoor may have helped notify others of criminal activity that may have prevented crime – while at the same time, there have been reports that Nextdoor may have inadvertently facilitated criminal activity. For these reasons, you should do your own research and make your own decision as to whether installing such an app on a personal device is appropriate for you and your family.
Notice of any product or service that Ridgeview has contracted or recommends as potentially beneficial to Owners will ALWAYS come directly from a email address or appear on the website or in an official Ridgeview newsletter.
We would appreciate Owners making us aware if they have been contracted by a contractor or service provider claiming they have been endorsed or recommended by Ridgeview.
Best to all.

Post expires at 4:56pm on Thursday May 9th, 2024

Guy Roofing onsite tomorrow Feb 9

Please be aware that Guy Roofing will be on roofs throughout the community starting tomorrow morning,Thursday, February 9, to clear gutters and downspouts as well as perform a routine inspection and maintenance. Unless you’ve been notified otherwise, no access to the inside of your home is required.
Just an FYI so no one is caught off guard by footsteps on the roof.

Water Interruption

There has been a major water line break on Wexford under the parking area.  Water has been shut off on Chadbourne to the entire area.  The best guess at this point before water is restored is noon.   Will provide an update if the projection changes. 

Since your outdoor spigots are covered for winter, best practices for this time of year would be: turn off water to refrigerators and ice makers.  When water is restored, flush toilets first, then tubs/showers, cold water only.   And sinks last where you access drinking water, again cold water only.   After you have run water for a few minutes to clear all sediment, then follow normal protocol advisories from water service. 

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Timeline for window estimates (follow link to post or check website for more information)

A number of folks have inquired about when they can expect to receive window estimates.
The final posted deadline for submitting window measurements was Monday, Jan 9. The 109 estimates for window measurements provided were compiled the following day and formally submitted to JeldWen. Yesterday, JeldWen confirmed receipt of the request. Since JeldWen is the manufacturer of the windows, they are contacting Distributors within their network to find which Distributor is willing to process and deliver our order for the best price.
Each Distributor that JeldWen contacts will have to quote our order based on their pricing and then get back to JeldWen before they are able to get back to us with the best possible pricing. It seems likely to take at least a couple of weeks for JeldWen to contact the Distributors, receive the quotes back, compare/review the quotes, and contact us with the best option.
Everyone that requested estimates will be contacted promptly once we have been provided estimates from JeldWen.
Best to all, Alex

MONDAY DEADLINE approaching for requesting window quote (Click link or visit website for details)

Kindly note, Monday, Jan 9 is the deadline for providing approximate measurements and each window location to receive a quote for windows that you would like to replace. This is the deadline to receive a quote. There will be a future deadline announced to allow you time to review the quotes once we receive them and for you to confirm that you would like to be included in the bulk order.
Please refer to the prior notice posted on the website that was emailed to everyone for additional information and how to measure.

URGENT: if you don’t already have insulated spigot covers installed, please do so today

There are still quite a few homes throughout the community that don’t have spigot covers installed. Temps forecasted in single digits tonight and teens next couple of nights. Please take annual precautions prior to the first freeze to prevent damage to your home and avoid being without water as well as potentially damaging your neighbors home. If pipes freeze in your home, the HOA insurance will not cover the damage and you will likely be responsible for damage to your neighbor’s home. It’s a small precaution that could avoid potentially tens of thousands in damage to your home.

Boil Water Advisory should be in effect

To the best of our knowledge, no one has received a boil water notice from Carolina Water Service. It is unclear why they are no longer notifying their customers directly regarding boil water advisories. Hopefully they will ‘fix’ this issue. In the meantime, please be aware that anytime there is an interruption in flow of water to your home due to a water service line break, there is a possibility that pathogens may be introduced into the lines from ground water. Accordingly, precautions should be taken for at least 24 hours after water is restored – particularly if there is an immunocompromised person in your home.

Update on broken water main

Just got off the phone with the CWS Supervisor for our area and here’s the latest info on the water main break. It’s taken longer than anticipated to repair due to complicating factors. The line broke in Zemosa Acres on Chadbourne between Kendale and Chelwood. Roots from a very large tree have grown around the pipe where it broke and they’ve had difficulty getting the roots out of the way to get the broken pipe out and replace it with new pipe. In addition, apparently concrete was poured near or around the break that further complicated the replacement. At this point, they’ve got the old pipe extracted and are in the process of getting the new pipe in place to complete the repair. No estimated time for completion has been provided, but if I get an update before the water is restored, I’ll post any new information at that time.