• Notice Regarding Pool Status

    Good Morning All, There is a condition that we were recently made aware of that is preventing us from being able to pass the county pool inspection necessary to open the pool. One issue was a leak, that Ridgeview had to repair. We got on that promptly, hired a LeakSquad...Read More »

    All Owners were sent a SignNow document containing pool opening information. Note: signature required prior to pool use

    Please review and sign the SignNow document sent to the email address you provided for official documents from the Association.
    Have a fun and safe summer.
    ...Read More »

    Guy Roofing onsite tomorrow Feb 9

    Please be aware that Guy Roofing will be on roofs throughout the community starting tomorrow morning,Thursday, February 9, to clear gutters and downspouts as well as perform a routine inspection and maintenance. Unless you’ve been notified otherwise, no access to the inside of your home is required.
    Just...Read More »

    Water Interruption

    There has been a major water line break on Wexford under the parking area.  Water has been shut off on Chadbourne to the entire area.  The best guess at this point before water is restored is noon.   Will provide an update if the...Read More »

    Timeline for window estimates (follow link to post or check website for more information)

    A number of folks have inquired about when they can expect to receive window estimates.
    The final posted deadline for submitting window measurements was Monday, Jan 9. The 109 estimates for window measurements provided were compiled the following day and formally submitted to JeldWen. Yesterday, JeldWen confirmed...Read More »

    MONDAY DEADLINE approaching for requesting window quote (Click link or visit website for details)

    Kindly note, Monday, Jan 9 is the deadline for providing approximate measurements and each window location to receive a quote for windows that you would like to replace. This is the deadline to receive a quote. There will be a future deadline announced to allow you time...Read More »

    Home Depot University is still showing spigot covers in stock.

    Lowe’s appears to be sold out of spigot covers region-wide. Kannapolis Home Depot is showing 0 stock as well. Home Depot University is showing under 300 still in stock. I imagine they may sell out this afternoon. So if you haven’t gotten yours yet, that’s...Read More »

    URGENT: if you don't already have insulated spigot covers installed, please do so today

    There are still quite a few homes throughout the community that don’t have spigot covers installed. Temps forecasted in single digits tonight and teens next couple of nights. Please take annual precautions prior to the first freeze to prevent damage to your home and avoid being without...Read More »

    Boil Water Advisory should be in effect

    To the best of our knowledge, no one has received a boil water notice from Carolina Water Service. It is unclear why they are no longer notifying their customers directly regarding boil water advisories. Hopefully they will ‘fix’ this issue. In the meantime, please be aware...Read More »

    Update on broken water main

    Just got off the phone with the CWS Supervisor for our area and here’s the latest info on the water main break. It’s taken longer than anticipated to repair due to complicating factors. The line broke in Zemosa Acres on Chadbourne between Kendale and Chelwood. Roots...Read More »

    DISCONNECT HOSES and cover outdoor spigots

    If you have covered your spigots for the season, please disregard this message.
    Below freezing temps are forecasted this weekend for 48 hours or more with lows in the teens.
    If you forgot to install your insulated spigot covers, it would be best to do so asap. Having...Read More »

    Guidance for measuring windows for upcoming order

    There has been some confusion about how to measure the windows. My apologies, I should have included this information in the original post. We need 3 bits of information for each window. 1. Overall window assembly size 2. Location in house 3. Type of window –...Read More »

    Window order update

    We’re working directly with the window manufacturer, JeldWen, to get special pricing for those that wish to purchase windows.  Fortunately, the same person that I set the program up with back in 2011 still works for JeldWen.  He has agreed to continue to work with us on special pricing....Read More »

    Friendly reminder to cover spigots to protect pipes from freezing

    Following is a link to last year’s post as a friendly reminder to put winter covers on spigots to prevent pipes from freezing.  Predictions for tonight are low of 29-30 degrees, but predictions at the end of the week are for lows in the mid-20’s.  
    Reminder of notice sent afternoon of October 10 to the most recent email address provided on your most recently submitted Owner Contact Information form. 

    Siding Washing starting Mon 10/17-10/19 (Please remove personal items near building prior to Mon morning)

    Greeting All,

    Clean Home Power Washing Co. is scheduled to clean the Hardie siding throughout the community Mon through Wed...Read More »

    Terminix Inspections Friday, Oct 14. Inside home inspections required for slab homes - crawlspaces must be unlocked

    Please put this date on your calendar.  Terminix has scheduled our annual termite inspections for Friday, October 14.  If you have a crawlspace under your home, then it must be unlocked so they can inspect under your home.  If you do not have a crawlspace, then someone will...Read More »

    Unlocked cars burglarized last night (plus note to Pet Owners)

    Last night was the first time our community was canvassed by roving car burglars since we installed the Flock Safety camera at the entrance. There have been reports over the past couple of years of such activity in adjacent communities, but it seems our cameras have kept them...Read More »

    Identifying the correct pool key number to register: it should be a 1 to 3 digit number between 1 and 150

    Sorry for the confusion, but some keys have a reference number used by the locksmith. The actual pool key number on some older keys appears as larger numbers in the middle of the keys. On newer keys, the pool key number is on the right side in small...Read More »

    Pool Use Agreement sent via email. You must sign and accept terms to use pool: Open link, click start, complete fields, sign electronically, click Done.

    The Pool Use Agreement has been sent to all Owners via email for your digital signature.  Once you have signed the document, you are registered to use the pool for the season according to the terms of the agreement.

    Each Owner must sign and accept terms BEFORE...Read More »

    Pool Closed Monday through Thursday for chemical treatment

    The pool will be CLOSED Monday through Thursday because of chemical treatment being used to try to help with the stains on the bottom of the pool.
    The water should turn green during the treatment and will not be safe for swimming.
    The pool will be ready to open...Read More »

    POOL OPENING UPDATE (important policy information at link provided)

    Please read the following carefully if you intend to use the pool this season (or you have a tenant that intends to use the pool).

    The official pool opening date is Friday, May 27 of Memorial Weekend.  We have a new insurer for the Master Policy this...Read More »

    Fwd: Water Outage Planned for Mar 3

    Good Afternoon All,

    Just making sure that everyone received this message from Carolina Water Service regarding planned water interruption tomorrow.  

    As many of you are aware, and have...Read More »

    Winter Preparation to Protect Your Home. Low of 27 tonight. Reminder to put covers on your outdoor spigots.

    Good Evening Everyone.  Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.
    This is just a reminder of some important preparations for winter weather.
    Please don’t be offended if you consider some or all of this information common sense knowledge.  There are some first...Read More »

    Termite Inspections Friday August 6

    Terminix will be conducting annual inspections of all homes on Friday, August 6 for all buildings, except A and B.  Buildings A and B were the first under contract and are through Acme Pest Control instead.

    Unfortunately, Terminix is unable to give us a time frame for when...Read More »

    Pool News

    Some of you may have noticed that we’ve upgraded the pool a bit with some new furniture. The hot weather has increased the use of the pool. We were able to find some nice lounge chairs at a good price so we placed them around the pool along the fence...Read More »

    Pool Opening Information

    Although our pool season has historically been from Memorial Weekend to Labor Day weekend, we’ve tried our best to extend the season a bit when we are able to accomplish repairs, and coordinate the Pool Contractor work with the Pool Inspector along with any required re-inspections that may need...Read More »

    Water issues

    After being contacted by a couple of homeowners as to whether water should be boiled, I contacted Carolina Water Service Supervisor for more information about service issues this morning. He was in aware of the leak until i contacted him at 10:50am.
    He texted me back at 11:12am saying…...Read More »

    Water Boil Advisory Rescinded (official notice coming soon from Carolina Water Service)

    After following up with Carolina Water Service, we’ve been notified that the boil advisory has been rescinded and you’ll receive official notice from them soon. We just wanted to give you notice as soon as possible.
    Sent from my iPad

    ...Read More »

    Water to be turned off in area today from approx. 1:30 - 3:00pm

    Upon receipt of the voicemail from Carolina Water Service this morning that many of you likely also received, I had a lengthy conversation with the Supervisor at Carolina Water Service trying to understand why we keep experiencing these interruptions to our water service. He explained that the culprit has...Read More »

    WARNING! Potential electrical hazard. Keep safe distance from lower Carlyle Drive flooded area.

    We have contacted the City regarding the flooding of lower Carlyle and are awaiting guidance regarding potential safety issues as the water is rising close to the pool pump electrical panel.
    If you have children in your home, please make sure they do not attempt to play in this area...Read More »

    Possible delays on Highway 73 due to cleanup

    Just a few minutes ago, we received the following official statement from the City of Concord: 

    Read More »

    Water outage

    It’s taken longer than usual to get to the bottom of this morning’s power outage. The prior foreman that we had arranged to contact us is no longer with Carolina Water Service.
    The outage was caused by a contractor for the City of Concord that was rerouting a culvert...Read More »

    Please take your trash to dumpster. Trash bags may not be left on porches, decks, patios, sidewalks, stairs or elsewhere in the common area.

    Greetings All.
    We’ve been notified that some folks are placing trash bags outside their home instead of taking them directly to the dumpster. Kindly be aware that trash bags must always be carried directly to the dumpster. Not only is it a covenant requirement, but it is also...Read More »

    The pool has been certified and is open - IMPORTANT: please follow posted rules as County Govt can close pool for noncompliance

    Some of you may be aware that the County imposed new requirements this year as a condition of opening that required alteration of the pool and surrounding elements. We were not given advance notice prior to our planned opening weekend that these alterations must be performed. Items like...Read More »

    Termite Inspections Today

    If Terminix Employees knock on your door to inspect your crawl space or basement slab, it is legitimate. They are onsite today conducting annual inspections.
    Sent from my iPad

    ...Read More »

    Water Boil Advisory from Carolina Water Service

    Good Afternoon, 

    This is a courtesy message from Carolina...Read More »

    Water Safety Advisory (if any) will come directly from Water Service

    Water pressure is reported to be normal throughout the community.
    Any further advisory regarding water safety will come to you directly from the water service at the phone number you provided.
    Sent from my iPad

    ...Read More »

    Water pressure issues - Carolina Water Service is investigating - will update

    Homes in Ridgeview are experiencing water pressure issues. They were unaware of any problems in the area when we contacted them. They are sending a crew to investigate. We will send an update as soon as we have further information.
    While awaiting guidance from the water service,...Read More »

    Pool Opening Delayed Awaiting Guidance from County/State

    Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, limitations have been placed on gatherings in public places. We are advised our pool is subject to these limitations.
    As most of you are aware, we typically have the pool open by Memorial Weekend.
    Once we are advised by authorities that we can...Read More »

    Reports from Neighboring Communities and Community Safety

    There have been reports over the past couple of nights from neighboring communities of unlocked cars being targeted for valuables. Before we installed the camera system, some of our residents (all with admittedly unlocked cars) fell victim having some items missing from consoles and glove compartments.
    Fortunately, since the...Read More »

    Widespread Power Outage

    I just contacted the City regarding this morning’s power outage. They indicated that it is widespread and runs down 73 all the way to the Perdue plant. They are still trying to determine the cause of the outage. Therefore, they have no Idea when power will...Read More »

    Water Tested Safe - Safety Advisory Rescinded

    We have received notification that water flowing to Ridgeview was found to be safe after testing subsequent to the main water line repair.
    We hope everyone has a nice weekend.
    Sent from my iPad

    ...Read More »

    Water Service Interruption - Thursday 01/17/19 between 10am-4pm

    If you registered your phone number with Carolina Water Service when you contracted water service, you should have received a recorded phone message today from Carolina Water Service notifying you of the service interruption tomorrow.
    If this is the first such message you have received from Carolina Water Service, it...Read More »

    2019 Dues

    At the 2017 Annual Meeting, a motion was made by an Owner to increase dues to $165 per month. The final modified motion passed for the $45 increase to be effective Jan 2019 (the original motion failed for the increase to take effect Jan 2018). $165./month represents the...Read More »

    Freeze Warning Tonight - Protect Outdoor Spigots

    Good Evening All,
    The weather service has issued the season’s first freeze warning for our area this evening and overnight.
    You will want to install insulated spigot covers this evening on your outdoor spigots. Some homes have spigots in both the front and back of the house. If...Read More »

    Storm Preparedness

    Although Florence has been downgraded to a tropical storm, severe storm effects are still expected in coming hours in our immediate area.
    Most of you have no doubt spent the past few days preparing for the impact of the storm reaching our area, but out of an abundance of caution,...Read More »

    response to new windows post

    We had a big response to the post relating to the most recent window order in the works.
    For those of you that emailed us asking for quotes, we will get that information back to you once we get measurements and can get pricing back from the manufacturer.
    We will...Read More »

    Replacement Window and Door Specs (including storm doors)

    The latest installation of the windows that were ordered last year has created a significant interest among Owners to replace their windows. 


    The replacement window required must match the original architectural style of windows that were installed when the buildings were built.


    The spec...Read More »

    Bulk trash (washer & dryer) left on street

    Someone put bulk trash on the street.  We are trying to determine who put the washer and dryer on the street so that we can make arrangements with them to have the items removed. If you have...Read More »

    Frozen pipes

    Unfortunately, we already have an Owner experiencing a casualty loss due to frozen pipes.  Much thanks to the Owner that reported the leak to Gene Haas.  Gene took immediate action to minimize the loss.


    One of the Ridgeview Residents reported being contacted by a company suggesting they were supposed to perform an inspection for an external building repair of their property.

    The call received was apparently some scam artist.

    Repairs are generally initiated with a request for work...Read More »

    Water interruption

    Apparently there was a line break that caused a water interruption this morning.  I was just notified by an Owner and contacted a supervisor at the water service.  By the time you receive this notice, water will likely have been restored as he was on his way to Ridgeview while...Read More »


    Just spoke to city of concord director of power director again. He said concord got all systems back online and power was restored, but the power is back off due to a failure on the duke energy side.  

    Duke is having to install new equipment.  There’s not a good assessment...Read More »

    Power Outage

    Just received a response from City Power Manager.  Outage involves Duke Energy and City of Concord, apparently 911 system is affected as well.

    Right now, best case scenario is for power to be restored by midnight, but there’s a good chance we won’t have power until morning.

    If I hear more, I’ll...Read More »

    Reminder Pool Opening and Neighborhood Get Together at 12:30 today

    Just a reminder to everyone… the pool opens today and the Association is hosting a Neighbor Meet and Greet at 12:30 today. Hope you’ll come out and join us and meet your neighbors.
    Website post:
    Look forward to seeing you there!
    The Ridgeview Team

    ...Read More »

    Acme Pest Control (Buildings A and B only)

    Acme Pest Control will be performing their annual inspection on Buildings A and B on Monday, February 20, 2017, between 10 and noon.
    Please make arrangements for someone to be at your home to provide access for this necessary inspection.  Failing to provide access for an inspection could void the...Read More »

    Bulk Waste Pickup Policy

    Please know the policy regarding bulk waste items BEFORE putting items out on the street.

    …Your neighbors thank you in advance!

    If you have bulk waste you are unable to remove yourself from the property, follow the policy to keep our streets looking neat and clean.   Don’t embarrass your neighbors by having...Read More »